Never waterskied before?


You have never waterskied before? No problem. We will teach you step by step how to waterski and wakeboard. Make your first attempts on the mini track and improve your skills with every visit.

Nahaufnahme der Rückseite einer roten Schwimmweste mit dem Wasserski Langenfeld Logo

Offers for beginners

The right offer for every age

from 10 years
Wasserski-Trainer macht eine Hocke um den Wasserskistart zu erklären, eine Anfängergruppe mit roten Wasserski-Langenfeld-Schwimmwesten macht es nach


Your first step on the water at the mini cable- learn starting and how to steer within one hour.

6 - 10 years
Kleiner Junge sitzt in der Hocke und macht Wasserski-Trockenübung zusammen mit einem Trainer


1 -hour waterski course for kids. Learn to water ski in a small group with kids of the same age.

next step!
Mann fährt Wasserski in Anfängerausrüstung und macht eine

Beginner’s course

After the Schnupperstunde you will learn how to do turns at the big cable in one hour.

New for beginners

Your ticket-upgrade
for the whole day!

You’ve acquired a taste for water skiing and want to continue directly after the beginner’s course, the trial lesson or the bambini course? Book your upgrade to the day pass on site.



  • reusable
  • Contactless payment at ticket counter, kiosk & shop
  • Go to the cable directly with your prebooked online ticket
  • Linked with your prepaid account

RFID System

What is it and how does it work?
Your online ticket is stored electronically on your RFID wristband and gives you access to the cable. You buy it once at your first visit for 5,-. After that it can be used again and again.

Anfängerin auf dem Wakeboard nach erfolgreichem Start

Learning at reduced speed

To reinforce what you have learned, we have several offerings where the cable runs at slower speed.

  • public session at saturdays & sundays (cable 2 or 4)
  • Sunset Session
  • Girls Wake Session
  • Kids Session (until 16 years)

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Anfängergruppe steht am Rand der stehenden Welle und beobachtet, wie ein Coach einer Anfängerin beim surfen hilft.

Surfing for beginners

Never surfed a standing wave before? Book the Surf Course and learn how to surf the Surf Langenfeld wave in a group with a maximum of 10 participants. Discover all our offers now.


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