House rules

In addition to the waterski cable, Surf Langenfeld and Seehaus Langenfeld also belong to Wasserski Langenfeld GmbH.

The water skiing area is a natural area that follows natural succession as far as possible. Visitors are required to behave accordingly.

By entering the Wasserski Langenfeld area every visitor accepts the house rules.
Every visitor has to behave in such a way that other visitors are not disturbed or endangered at any time.
– The volume of music is to be reduced to room noise after 10 pm.
– Open fire is prohibited on the entire water ski area.
– Visitors who cannot swim are not allowed in the water. Not even with a life jacket. Children who are not able to swim must be supervised at all times. No bathing supervision!
– Driving on the premises with combustion engines is prohibited.
– Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the water ski area. Dogs are only allowed in the restaurant and on the terrace in front of the store (leashed!).
– Feeding the wild animals (swans, ducks, geese, fish etc.) is not allowed.
– Please refrain from consuming food and beverages in the gastronomic areas (SEEHAUS, Beach Bar) and the associated terrace.
– Bringing and consuming drugs is prohibited on the entire premises.
– Shishas are prohibited.
– The burning of fireworks is prohibited.

– Camping and staying overnight requires a permit and must be registered.
– Lost property must be handed in at the front desk. Metal detectors are not allowed.
– Branches, twigs, plants and animals may not be taken.
– Fishing is reserved for authorized persons only.
– Staying after 10 p.m. is allowed only to the guests of the SEEHAUS and the reserving groups.
– Bicycles are to be locked outside the premises.
– It is not allowed to climb the cableway and high voltage pylons.
– Only waste generated on the premises may be disposed of in garbage cans.
– Floating pontoons and bridges may be entered only by water skiers.
– Group events require prior notification.
– Use of the cableway and features is at your own risk.
– The instructions of the staff must be followed at all times.

Violation of the house rules can lead to immediate expulsion from the water ski area.