Sunset Session

Enjoy the last hours on the lake after work!


From May to September every monday and thursday during the last two hours of the day.

Limited number of participants - registration recommended!


Included: Beginners instruction, life vest, wetsuit & waterskis.


from 24,-€ with online registration

up to 3 days in advance

Afterwards / without registration 28,-€

One time plus 5,-€ RFID-wristband (will be bought on site)



Sunset Session Booking 2020

From 2020 the booking for Sunset Session will be processed with a new booking system. If you have been to our Sunset Sessions in the past, please still register.

When purchasing a ticket, a one-off fee of 5,-€ per person is added for an RFID wristband.

The bracelet must always be worn while riding. After buying it belongs to you and you can use it again and again. If you already have an RFID wristband, of course you can use this as well.



Process on site

I don't own a RFID wristband

- Please register online and buy a ticket for the Sunset Session.

- Come to our shop 30 minutes before the start on the day of booking.

- You will receive your RFID wristband on site, which we will install for further use (price: one-off 5,-€ | will be bought on site) Please always bring this wristband with you from now on.

- to the water!


My RFID wristband has already been installed

- Buy a ticket for Sunset Session online.

- Please bring your RFID wristband in order to ride! Your ticket is automatically deposited.

- If your have your own equipment, you can directly go to the cable and off to the water! You no longer need to check-in at the front desk.

Book now!

When Sunset Sessions take place

MAY 21th - JULY 23rd

mondays & thursdays

8 - 10 pm

JULY 27th - AUGUST 13th

mondays & thursdays

7 - 9 pm


mondays & thursdays

6 - 8 pm


mondays & thursdays

5 - 7 pm