Rates & Tickets


Beginners' Course

Learn how to waterski and wakeboard - step by step!

Within one hour we'll first teach you how to waterki and then how to get along with a wakeboard. Course takes place beginning in may every saturday and sunday from 10am until 11am.

Included: equipment & coach

36,- €

Bambini course

One-hour waterski course for children

Beginning in may, every second sunday from 10 am - 11 am for children from 6 up to 10 years. The course takes place at the system 2.0 (small training cable 6) with a maximum of 8 participants.

Included: coach, waterski, wetsuit and life vest

price 20,- €

Wakeboard course 2.0

Learning how to do your first spins and deepen your basic knowledge.

From may until end of september once a month. Not recommended for beginners!

Included: life vest

65,- €

Tickets for public session

Depending on how busy it is, please pay attention to the maximum number of laps you are allowed to ride.


RFID Wristband

When buying a ticket, there is a one-off fee of 5,00€ per person for an RFID wristband.

The wristband must be worn when water skiing / wakeboarding and can be used again and again. Of course you can bring your own wristband if you already have one (for example from another cablepark).


Please note that tickets can only be issued to registered customers.

Click here for registration >>


From your second visit, you can use your RFID wristband to go straight to the starting dock after you have bought your ticket online.


Day pass

The day pass is always worth buying.

Spend the whole day at our cable. Enough time for riding, chilling, sunbathing with friends, and at the end of the day you can hit the water while sun is setting.

Included: life vest & waterski


adults 40,- €
teens 32,- €

2 hours ticket

After hour shredding

Ride for two hours. At moderate service also appropriate for beginners.

Included: livewest& waterski

adults 28,- €
teens 24,- €

If you want to extend the 2 hours ticket to a day pass we additionally charge a 2,-€ fee.

Order as voucher >>

Rental service


We offer wetsuits for all weather conditions and in all sizes.
up to 2 hours: 6,- €
day: 10,- €


Beginner-& advanced board

up to 2 hours: 10,- €
day: 20,- €

Pro Wakeboard

Helmet included.

Only recommended for skilled riders.

up to 2 hours: 25,- €
day: 35,- €

Life vest & waterski

Included with all offers.


season ticket

Ride as much as you want - EVERY day we are open!

Valid for 1 year from purchasing day.


Kids up to 12 years 560,- €
Teens up to 16 years 790,- €
Adults 1010,- €
plus wristband 5,- €

Installment payment possible (direct debit authorization only). Additional charge: 30,- €

reduced season ticket

We also offer a reduced season ticket, which is valid from 6pm on sundays and holidays.

Kids up to 12 years 440,- €
Teens up to 16 years 670,- €
adults 900,- €
plus wristband 5,- €

Installment payment possible (direct debit authorization only). Additional charge: 30,- €

Sunshine Card

Your entrance ticket for the whole year!

Wether sunbathing, swimming or walking around - with this ticket you can visit any time.

And the best part: no queueing at the entrance on hot summer days! Just use the turnstile next to the cash house.

Ticked valid for 365 days. Usage of cable not included.


adults 55,-€

teens 35,-€

Available in our shop.


Early Board

More info

Start your day right!

In April and Oktober tuesdays and thursdays from 8am to 10am.

From Mai until End of September from monday until friday 8am - 10am.

Included: life vest, wetsuit & waterski


With online registration until 8pm the day before 18,- €
Without registration 23,- €
Caution: Limited number of participants - registration recommended!

Sunset Session

more info

Complete your day on the water!

From may until september every monday and thursday at cable 4. Ticket for the last 2 hours of the day.

Included: life vest, wetsuit& waterski


With online registration 3 days in advance 24,- €
Without registration 28,- €
Caution: Limited number of participants - registration recommended!

Rent a cable exclusively

All cables require a booking via mail. Send request >>

Renting Cable 1 - 4


Included: 20 persons, waterskis, life vests & coach

You can rend a BBQ place after riding. Just write us an email!

Prices 320,- € - 490,- €

BBQ place (4h) from 70,- €

School classes

Waterski lesson for 2 hours. Minimum number of participants: 18.

From monday to friday you can book slots from 8 am - 4 pm (excluding school vacation or holidays).

Included: equipment & coach


18,- € / Pupil

Booking has to be made by a teacher!

Renting Minibahn 5 & 6 (System 2.0)

Birthday party for kids

The special birthday party for children up to 14 years.

One hour waterski and wakeboarding at our Minibahn 6 for up to 10 kids.

Included: life vest, wetsuit, waterski and coach


mon - fri all day
sat, sun & holiday from 8am until  11am

160,- €

1h rents

Call it the 1 hour crash course if you want!

One hour is suitable for groups up to 10 persons.

Included: waterskis, life vests& coach

Monday - Friday 130,- €

Saturday & Sunday 140,-€