You can learn how to wakeboard every day.

HINT: First learn to waterski. Afterwards it will be much easier to handle the wakeboard. Our beginners´ course is not the only possibility to learn how to wakeboard.

Just come to our cable spontaneously — no reservation needed. Get a 2-hour-ticket or a day pass, rent a wakeboard and hit the water. The operator will help you getting started an will give additional tips.

You can also learn how to wakeboard by visiting  the wakeboard beginners´ course. Among other beginners and guided by one of our expert wakeboard coaches, you will learn how to wakeboard in no time. Starting in mid-April the beginners´ course takes place every saturday from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. at cable 1. Condition: Ability to safely ride one lap with waterskis. Registration required! 


You have the possibility to learn how to waterski every day. Minimum age: 10 years.

You can choose between several tickets: beginner ticket, 2-hour-ticket, day pass or a 10-lap-ticket. The operator always gives a short introduction and some tips you'll need to ride the cable.

You can also learn to waterski in the waterski beginners´ course, starting in mid-April. It takes place every Sunday from 10 - 11 a.m. Within one hour and among other beginners you'll learn everything you have to know for riding the cable all by yourself

As a group you have different options to learn how to wakeboard and waterski. You can join the public opening hours by buying normal tickets in our shop, you can visit the beginners` courses for waterski or wakeboard or you have the possibility to exclusively rent one of our four cables.

Beginner Videos

safety instructions
double skis instruction
the turn