Procedure of a cable rent

For the check-in of your group you can come to the registration already one hour before the waterskiing appointment (exception: appointments from 8 – 10 am in the morning. Here the arrival 30 minutes before the start of the appointment is enough). Only the participants who need rental equipment have to come to the registration. Participants with their own equipment can go directly to the booked ropeway.

For 2 hours the following rental fees apply: 6,00€ for a wetsuit, 10,00€ for a wakeboard, 25,00€ for a pro wakeboard including helmet. Life jackets are rented free of charge. Water skis are available directly at the cableway.
Please bring the rental equipment back to the registration desk immediately after water skiing.

Since we want to make the operation as contactless as possible, we currently do not require a deposit when renting. Nevertheless, the names and the equipment rented in each case will be noted.


Changing groups at the cable

Please stay with your group in front of the doc to the starting area before your appointment. So that we can keep the distance regulations also on the starting place, we will plan 10 minutes for the group change. As before, we will allow the core time of 50 min / hr for waterskiing and wakeboarding.
When the previous group has completely left the launch area, you will be asked to go to the launch area by the cable car operator. Please keep the distance rules with your group also while waiting.
You can change at the shore or you can use the single changing rooms at the main building.


Please keep to the general distance rules and hygiene rules within the group. Accordingly, we have placed distance markers on the starting areas.

Please wear a mask in all queues and registration. Water sports are excluded.

Please advise your participants to leave all valuables at home if possible.

Despite distance and hygiene regulations, we can guarantee that beginners will still be taken care of.

Please make a note of all participants in your group so that we can refer back to it if necessary. Please keep this list for 4 weeks.